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Da vinci last supper painting original

This unusual painting was enough to inspire Dan Brown's conspiracy theory that the original drawing was hidden.
Last Supper the layout is largely horizontal.The film shows how the work on canvas fills in the gaps in the famed fresco, seemingly completing the painting.History The wall painting was commissioned by Ludovico Sforza, the duke of Milan and Leonardos patron during his first extended stay in that city.He wears the traditional red and blue robes and has a contratti di lavoro voucher beard, but Leonardo did not imbue him with the customary halo.Later, scholars discovered that the vantage point for the Last Supper is about 15 feet (4.57 metres) above ground.Judas, gripping the purse that contains his reward for identifying Jesus, recoils from Peter, seemingly alarmed at the other Apostles quick e rest of the Apostles appear to whisper, grieve, and debate among themselves.The painting was made using experimental pigments directly on the dry plaster wall and unlike frescos, where the pigments are mixed with the wet plaster, it has not stood the test of time well.Over the years it has crumbled, been vandalized bombed and restored.Jesus also gestures toward a glass of wine and a piece of bread, suggesting the establishment of the Holy Communion rite.Giampietrino did a full-scale copy that is now in London's Royal Academy of Arts.Traces of gold and silver foils have been found which testify to the artist's willingness to make the figures in a much more realistic manner, including precious details.The type of day shown through these windows adds to the feeling of serenity that rests in the centre of the piece, around the figure of Christ.Much of the foreground is obscured with strokes of monochrome paint.Alternative Title: Cenacolo, last Supper, Italian, cenacolo, one of the most famous artworks in the world, painted.Leonardos Last Supper is located in its original place, on the wall of the dining room of the former Dominican convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, exactly in the refectory of the convent and is one of the most celebrated and well known artworks.
Three early copies of the original exist.
Although the surface of the painting shows two horses fighting, the masterpiece underneath reveals a full-blown battle behind the Virgin Mary's head, with men screaming in terror or raising arms.

Leonardo abandons the traditional method of fresco painting, painting the scene "dry" on the wall of the refectory.Dark tapestries line the walls on either side, while the back wall is dominated by three windows that look out on an undulating landscape recalling Milans countryside.Jesus seems to reply, The one who has dipped his hand into the bowl with me will betray me (Matthew 26:23).In 1652, monastery residents cut a new door in the wall of the deteriorating painting, which removed a chunk of the artwork showing the feet of Jesus."Instead, we found a building site.World War II when a bomb fell on the roof of the church.He placed the vanishing point at Jesuss right temple, thus drawing the viewers attention toward the main subject.The second copy by Andrea Solari is in the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Belgium while the third copy by Cesare da Sesto is in the Church of Saint Ambrogio in Switzerland.After centuries of maltreatment, the Last Supper underwent an extensive and controversial 20-year restoration that was completed in 1999.
Even before it was finished there were problems with the paint flaking from the wall and Leonardo had to repair.

Already discussed in academic meetings, the research and the drawings underneath were officially presented today for the first time in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio.
Among the works early admirers, in fact, was King Louis XII of France, who had conquered Milan, and, according to art historian Giorgio Vasari, had taken the time to visit Santa Maria della Grazie.