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Da vinci the last supper facts

Leonardo da Vinci began working on it in 1495, and finished The Last Supper in 1498.
Over the past five hundred years the paintings condition has been seriously compromised by its location, the materials and techniques used, humidity, dust, and poor restoration efforts.
After a flood in the beginning of the 19th century, mold growth damaged the painting further still.Though the outline remains, we cant truly know how similar the current painting is to da Vincis original masterpiece.Consequently, the painted space of the Last Supper always appears sightly at odds with the refectory space.It is said that the look of every apostle was based on a real-life model.During World War II the painting suffered its greatest catastrophe, when an Allied bomb caused the roof and one wall of the refectory to collapse.In 1652 a door was cut into the north wall, removing Jesus feet and loosening the paint and plaster.Bartholomew, James the Less and Andrew are all shocked by Christs proclamation, and Andrew has his hands up to stop the words.The Last Supper began to deteriorate almost instantly.Ambrogio in Ponte Capriasca, Switzerland.There have been seven documented attempts to repair the Last Supper.
The immediate result was a much more stunning volantino ipercoop quarto nuovo piece.
As compelling a story as this is, its also totally false.

It was fully reopened to public view in 1999 after a lengthy, controversial restoration.But no matter how many times you've seen it, we'll bet you don't know these details.Todays mural might be significantly different to da Vincis original work.Dominican monastery, santa Maria delle Grazie in, milan.The meaning of its food is up for debate.It's been mimicked for centuries.Leonardo likely began working on the painting in 1495 and, as was his manner, worked slowly with long pauses between sessions, until he finished in 1498.To the right of Jesus, Thomas stands in profile, his finger pointing up in the air.The painting was almost never finished.Da Vincis peer, Luca Pacioli, once wrote in De Divina Proportione (On the Divine Proportion Without mathematics there is no art.