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Vinca minor periwinkle fertilizer

With Vinca minor you can cover your garden in an efficient and beautiful way.
Periwinkle grows well under trees and shrubs, on shaded slopes or on the prezzo smartphone asus zenfone laser north side of buildings.The soil may also be slightly acidic or chalky.Propagate by taking tip cuttings of non-flowering stems in late spring or divide throughout the season.Variegata has creamy white blotches on the leaves.You can use a fungicide, such as copper or sulfur, to treat it, but prevention is offerte volantino coop adriatica bologna the best strategy.

It blooms best in full sun, but it also grows in shade and is often planted under trees.Annual vinca does not do well when fertilized with large amounts of ammoniacal nitrogen or phosphorus: the University of Georgia recommends using a 15-2-20 fertilizer after seedlings have developed healthy root systems.Later, the Romans brought this beautiful plant with them, spreading it throughout Europe.Plant out periwinkle in spring or early fall.Periwinkle can be grown from seed, but it grows slowly.Later on, vinca minor was introduced in Northern Europe and the British Isles under the name Gartenflüchtling.Sterling Silver bears dark blue flowers and foliage with white margins.They are borne in abundance in early spring and sporadically throughout the summer.It is also called lesser periwinkle or creeping myrtle.They exude a milky juice when broken.
Usda Plant Hardiness Zone Map.
For very severe frosts it is however advisable to cover the plant with brushwood or garden fleece.